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Message from CEO

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and to share with you some information on Chip Mong Industries.

The board of Chip Mong carefully thought out a platform to grow the business and diversity into different streams, and they also understood the upstream and downstream synergy they can build to complement them.

Chip Mong in general is a group governed by true entrepreneurial spirit. It’s not just investing in good quality assets, but most importantly, in its people. The reputation of the company is very important to us, as people can associate our name with quality products and services.

This approach is very important, not just to the board, but also to all managers and myself in the business. The focus is not cutting costs, not trying to make things cheaply, but growing the abilities and competences of our organization.

I am looking forward to continuing the journey with the Chip Mong family of companies, always focusing on working together, striving for excellence, with commitment to create a safe working environment, building abilities and finding new ways of doing our work.

Thank you.

James Henshaw